Bandung Tour Itinerary

Bandung tour

Bandung Tour

Has anyone joined the 5D4N Bandung tour before? This year I and my classmates will take a Bandung tour package that includes the places not only in the city of Bandung, but also many other cities in West Java province, such as Bogor, Tasikmalaya, and many more. It is because we all have heard about the beauty of these cities since many years ago but still have not had any time to really explore all the places ourselves.

We decided that we will book a tour package from a reputable travel agent company from Bandung which already has many years of experience dealing with large groups like ours. At first we wanted to visit Jakarta as well, however after reading so many bad reviews regarding the city of Jakarta such as air pollution, horrible traffic jam, and many more, we decided not to come to Jakarta this time, but only focus our visit to Bandung and its surrounding cities.

Bandung tour

Bandung Tour Itinerary

Below is the itinerary for our Bandung tour:

On day 1 we will arrive at Bandung airport and continue with the tour straight away by visiting the factory outlets. We make sure that we do not bring heavy suitcases this time, but make sure that we bring empty luggage. Then dinner will be served at one of the nice cafes in north Bandung.

On day 2 we want to go to see the active volcano and soak ourselves in a nearby hot spring resort then go to the famous floating market and another shopping trip downtown.

On day 3 we want to go to the waterfall which is said to be the highest waterfall in Bandung. Then we will proceed our tour to see Bamboo Village which is located nearby. Then at the end of the day we want to go for massage.


On day 4 we want to have full day tour to Puncak, Bogor, to visit The Safari Park. Many of my friends suggested me to come here as they said that this zoo is very nice and even much more beautiful and much larger than the one that we have here in Singapore. So the visit to this zoo is definitely a must! On the way we also want to stop by to take some pictures at the tea plantation and enjoy local food at some restaurants.

On day 5 we want everything to be more relaxing. As our flight departure is in the evening, we want to do some light shopping nearby and go to a famous cake shop before heading to the airport.

I hope the above itinerary still makes sense and not too overwhelming. I really  hope that this trip to Bandung will be a memorable one as this is the first time I and my friends go to Indonesia. At first we were considering going to Bali, however due to our tight budget we decided to come to Bandung instead which is closer to Singapore than to Bali.

Time is running fast, so I make sure that I have prepared everything so that my Bandung trip will be successful.